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Please don't downvote this suggestion, for decades Burns' book https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0380810336/ has been the best self-help guide to applying cognitive therapy, for many including myself entirely adequate for the task. For myself, so good that in 20/20 hindsight talking therapy stopped being useful after reading and applying.

I have given people many copies of it over the years, with no bad results and a few good to very good ones.

Also agree! This was the book that originally turned me on to CBT. It sounds super cheesy, but everyone should read that book.

> 736 pages

Woah, that's a lot more than I expected. I could read that, but I suspect many other people in my life never would. Are there more concise alternatives?

The book is a lot of worksheets and sections for individual problems. Think of it a textbook.

That said, it's still pretty good in audio-book format.

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