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> It further entrenches Facebook and Google's monopoly on adtech

Just don’t use those sites. I don’t.

Are you being sarcastic? Or seriously suggesting the billions of users of Google and Facebook should just stop using them? If it was that easy then why all this trouble with ITP in the first place?

Why would this be sarcastic?

I haven’t used Facebook for about 10 years now.

I stopped using Google last year. DDG is great.

What’s so hard?

>> What's so hard?

Ah the classic HN comment.

The problem is you don't speak for the billions of people use various Facebook and Google services to live their lives without easy alternatives. When someone is using Gmail to run their small business or using Facebook to keep in touch with their distant relatives, I'm sure saying "what's so hard" is all it takes to get them to see the error of their ways.

I don't use those sites either, but a rather large fraction of websites include javascript from Google. You can try to avoid those sites, too, but it's a lesser Internet.

And a better Internet IMO.

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