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If you are referring to AV1, it's still a year or two away (probably) from being supported in hardware and it's too complex for CPU encoding in real-time. H.265 is supported in Apple hardware, but not part of the WebRTC spec or supported by browsers.

> it's too complex for CPU encoding in real-time

It depends on the encoder though. The AOM encoder is still quite slow, but Intel's SVT-AV1 encoder (https://github.com/OpenVisualCloud/SVT-AV1) is achieving 20 frames a second:


Xiph's rav1e encoder (https://github.com/xiph/rav1e) can do realtime encoding on a laptop at low resolutions:


You always have to consider encode time versus image quality versus bandwidth. Twitch is using NGCodec's FPGA based VP9 encoders to live stream with the same image quality at a lower bitrate than H.264 can achieve:


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