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Quitting drinking isn't a cure for alcoholism, either. But the problem isn't the alcoholism, it's the alcohol.

Getting off of social media didn't make me a better person, but social media definitely made me a worse person. As I mentioned elsewhere, I jumped from reading two books a month to six. Those extra four books a month are making me a lot happier than the equivalent amount of cat videos and fighting with my fellow Democrats about which of our candidates sucks the least. The additional time playing guitar is making me a better guitarist, something I should value a lot more than snopesing the latest political quote meme. Going to bed earlier is better for my health than staying up another hour endlessly scrolling because I'm too tired to stop.

Alcoholics don't stop being alcoholics, but they can stop drinking, and stop subjecting themselves to the countless problems alcohol was creating for them. That's how I feel about Facebook. It created real problems for me, and when I quit, those problems have gone down.

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