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> It further entrenches Facebook and Google's monopoly on adtech

How so?

They have 1st party connections to their users through both apps and websites and will always know who the person is. ITP does nothing to stop them. Amazon will be the 3rd major adtech company soon and ISPs will also be unaffected as they're starting to build up more adtech businesses themselves.

ITP is mostly a PR play for Apple's "privacy" marketing push that again hurts publishers and smaller independent internet companies.

Quote: „Going a step further, Intelligent Tracking Prevention now also limits long-term tracking for JavaScript first-party cookies.“

That means nothing in practice. These companies have the data, reach, and 1st party connection for those cookies to be constantly replaced and augmented with plenty of other signals.

Since this is downvoted, I'll be extra clear: these companies have websites and network traffic that billions of people use directly which means they can serve HTTP cookies and other signals which are not touched at all by ITP.

While also completely ignoring the real issue native apps.

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