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  - dark mode
  - improved tracking restrictions
  - Payment Request API
  - support for VP8 with WebRTC
  - updated DRM
  - streaming improvements
  - Intersection Observer API
  - API for native share dialogs
  - input type="color"

input type="color"

Sadly, still no <input type="date" />.

Seriously. Any news on datetime?

Please. This is my biggest gripe during web development. I hate the fact that I have to add a bloated bunch of JS to my site just to get a date picker.

Shameless plug - https://github.com/flatpickr/flatpickr has no dependencies :)

Soild. Thanks for that plug. Will be using in the future. :)

Oh god, isn't it almost a decade behind the others for this tag?


This issue tracks the progress for such an input as 'resolved fixed'.

Has anyone more info regarding this?

Will be interesting to see if WebM support in WebRTC eventually becomes native macOS support for the codec (e.g. in Quicktime Player and iTunes).

Unless the hardware supports it Apple will probably shy away. In this case, the WebRTC standard calls for VP8 (even though h.264 is becoming more common).

> API for native share dialogs

After chrome took their ball and left. Who is taking care if the multi platform (like Linux)

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