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Free suggested edits that you can use as you see fit (or not at all -- whatevs):

Sometimes you want to ask someone a question or tell them a secret and you suspect or hope they're thinking the same thing, but it's uncomfortable to bring up. This is what Thoughter is for!

And they don't even have to know Thoughter exists. You can send them a Hint. But more about that later.

Let's say it's the holidays and you and a loved one had a fight a while back. You aren't sure they would welcome hearing from you. You can send a Thought like "I miss you #reunite" that lasts one week. If your loved one sends the same sort of thing with a matching hashtag, you each get the other's email. If not, nothing happens.

This used to be done much more naturally back when people routinely lived in close-knit communities. People would ask a friend a question and that friend would ask their friend. Word traveled by the grapevine, which helped sort things out.

But in our increasingly mobile world, a lot of grapevines have basically died. This is your modern grapevine, now with Encryption!

Move: "The first project out of Aytwit's software research labs." to much later. Like close with it or something. It's important to you. It mostly isn't important to the process of getting adoption. Making it the first sentence amounts to "noise."

Woah great feedback, I will definitely use some of this. I'll ping you again privately when I make some changes, just so you know I'm not blowing smoke. ;)

The opening line "The first project out of Aytwit's software research labs." is making me cringe now lol.

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