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Org-Mode Your Life (arenzana.org)
3 points by grep4master 19 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

I started using org-mode seriously a couple of months ago. Nowadays my entire GTD system is there, plus my calendar (synced with google's), book notes, drafts, project plans, you name :)

With orgzly on my android, I can access and add/edit stuff everywhere. I even have widgets with my agenda as well, instead of the google calendar one.

org-mode is super underrated, more people should try it out :)

For sure. I started a few months back and granted it's a bit overwhelming at first. To me the key was to break it down: I started with a to-do list and scrapbook, then journaling, then org-agenda and just substituting my other GTD tools with org-mode. I can't live without it now.

what do you use for calendar sync?

I use org-gcal (https://github.com/myuhe/org-gcal.el). Since I only use Google Calendar for syncing, this works well for me. The set up is explained at the end of the article.

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