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Last I looked at Boost's offerings for state machines, my team and I found the offerings lacking. I forget exactly what it was missing (it's been 6-7 years and 4 jobs ago). May have been needing to perform actions on leaving a state, but not sure.

Edit: Boost is my first stop for non-standard C++ libs, but this time the offering was lacking. Previously also had issues with the date/time libs. Like they got 90% of the way there, and then didn't quite finish. Example: time zone handling. Has all of the infrastructure to support it, but no facility to really provide the necessary data. Also, their CSV of timezones was not historical, so broke down trying to do historical work for something like an energy contract in finance, where it was necessary to know if there were 23, 24 or 25 hours in a calendar day (or other value!) in a given year. Also, the interfaces for posix_time and local_date_time are a little clunky. I ended up with a facade that exposed an API more like Python's datetime lib. We also had a timezone loader to handle Olson TZ databases for the historical TZ info (and future updates) for both Linux and Windows.

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