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I have been using SML in production for a little over a year now without issues, mostly for protocol machines.

I agree the documentation is not great though, you kind of have to go over the example code and try to figure things out on your own.

Using embedded data for keeping state (e.g. counters, etc; see https://boost-experimental.github.io/sml/examples/index.html...) along with injecting std::functions to use as actions is pretty powerful.

Here's a basic example I wrote some months ago showing a hierarchical machine (https://gist.github.com/indiosmo/08ab24181770125d5a2448d27f6...).

Also please note my usage is pretty basic as I usually have the same machine ported to C# and Python so I tend to use the smallest subset of functionality supported by all the libraries in each language.

I didn’t find a good way to handle unexpected events with SML. I know there is supposed to be a special catch all event which can do that, but that’s only for the case the event is not used in the entire FSM, which makes it pretty useless. Thinking of rolling my own based on std::variant now.

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