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CareEvolution | AWS DevOps Engineer for Healthcare Software Platform | Ann Arbor, MI | ONSITE, REMOTE, VISA, https://www.careevolution.com/

What we do actually matters.

It's estimated that 250,000 people die in America annually because of medical errors. That makes it the #3 cause of death, just behind heart disease and cancer ( https://goo.gl/zntNUd ). This is a major societal catastrophe - and it needs to be fixed. Part of the solution is the long-overdue modernization of our nation's health IT infrastructure. This is CareEvolution's mission - to create better patient outcomes by modernizing - and connecting - our health IT systems.

We're a small team - still under 100 people (and all technical!) - but our platform manages health data for over 130 million people.

We're looking for people with experience in some of the following: EC2, VPC, IAM, S3, ELB, EBS. A more complete picture of job qualifications can be found here: https://stackoverflow.com/jobs/249670/aws-devops-engineer-fo...

Visit our website at https://www.careevolution.com/

Submit resumes (PDF please!) to resume@careevolution.com .

Note: this job is open to US Residents only. Foreign nationals CAN apply, but only if you live within the US.

Please check the tags you use when you add a posting. A lot of scrapers use these and people filter on them. You've added "VISA" but also say "this job is open to US Residents only. Foreign nationals CAN apply, but only if you live within the US", seems you've copied a previous post and replaced some content, forgot to replace some

Thank you. I can see how the tags are misleading so let me clarify: we welcome and encourage foreign nationals to apply - and we happily assist with visa acquisition - but per contract with our customers we do not hire people who will physically reside outside of the US.

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