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Python snippet to find available two-letter domain names for some TLDs (paste2.org)
15 points by thorax 3319 days ago | hide | past | web | 7 comments | favorite

This is just a little handy script I used to find some domains. This came up in another topic so I thought I'd share the code. Normally you can't buy two-letter domain names from any registrar, but adamsnames allows it.

To be nice, the code should probably force a 1-second delay between checks but adamsnames doesn't have a restriction on that because the API is used by domain resellers.

Hope this helps someone. I've found it pretty useful as I'm particularly fond of two-letter domains.

How did you format the form you filled in with adamsnames? I've sent an email to their "robot", but haven't gotten a reply yet. Can you show me how your registration email looked like?

I sent it as plain text to "new@adamsnames.tc". Subject was "New Registration".

Then I just pasted in this entire form: http://adamsnames.tc/register/short.txt

Here's a modified example taken from a real one I submitted that got a response right away: http://paste2.org/p/29938

Two things to consider: Last time we bought domains (ri.ms and oh.ms) was in January. Also, we got a notice that they may not be selling MS domains anymore. If seeking .ms nowadays, the robot might not respond, I'm not sure.

It doesn't seem to be working right now. When I try to register a name using the email robot, I get: "Sorry, you are not authorized to register domains by email."

Do you have any experience with any of the resellers listed on Adamsnames? It seems you can't buy .gd names through the form they offer, and I've never used any of the sites listed.

No, I've never used any of the resellers other than NetSol (which supports .vg at a good price, even though I don't like them otherwise).

As far as I know, you can only buy the two-letter domains using the email form on the adamsnames.tc site. Almost all of the registrars tell you that you're crazy to try to reserve a two-letter one. It's a little cumbersome, but I (and my company) have purchased literally a couple of dozen domains via the email interface on adamsnames.tc.

One other cool thing about adamsnames.tc is that you don't pay for the domains for a little bit after you order them. So you get invoiced and pay later after you start using the domain.

Edit: Reread your question: I definitely have ordered plenty of GD domains through their email interface. The fact that their site doesn't mention GD just reflects that they only added that tld in the past year. Helps explain why so few others have stumbled onto the trick I found for registering these.

http://web2nam.es/ is also a good way to find English-word domains and domain hacks.

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