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Trunk-Based Development vs. Git Flow (hackernoon.com)
4 points by kiyanwang 6 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment

One major advantage of the gitflow/hubflow git workflows is that there is a standard way of merging across branches. For example, a 'hotfix' branch is merged into the stable master branch and also develop with one standard command; there's no need to re-explain and train new devs on how the branches were supposed to work here. I even copied the diagram(s) into my notes: https://westurner.github.io/tools/#hubflow

IMHO, `git log` on the stable master branch containing each and every tagged release is preferable to having multiple open release branches.

Requiring tests to pass before a PR gets merged is a good policy that's independent of the trunk or gitflow workflow decision.

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