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I've created a new version of your great script, now it uses the javascript Audio() class.


This is the bookmarklet: javascript:(function(){document.body.appendChild(document.createElement("script")).src="http://bit.ly/googlebeat})()

So desperate to get this to work...but no avail!

I made the bookmarklet in my firefox toolbar with the javascript code.

I open google translate, click the bookmarklet...nothing happens.

My roomate thinks it's an error with the bit.ly redirect

Any suggestions? I want it SO BAD

This is what you need to do to get it to work:

0. Use fix close quote on bit.ly redirect if you are using the parent comment...

1. Load Google Translate: http://translate.google.com

2. Load the bookmarklet.

3. Click the new buttons at the bottom of the page.

See the howto from the gist: https://gist.github.com/721554#file_how_to.txt

Thanks for the response. I got it! But the play button doesn't seem to work...not a big deal.

A tip for composers, use commas and periods for rests

It doesn't work because Firefox doesn't support mp3 format through <audio> html tag.

This script supports only Safari and Chrome by now.

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