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Siri, at least, is total garbage. Half the time I try to dictate a simple reminder, Siri botches it. (The other day, I tried to text my wife that both Maddie and Tae sing. Siri kept transcribing “sing” as “sick.”) Siri at least is no better than Dragon Naturally Speaking was in the 1990s. The Windows 10 speech recognizer is somewhat better, but it’s still not usable (what was the last time you saw anybody use it?).

I don't have experience with Dragon or Siri, but Google Assistant has been improving at a noticable pace and for me seems seems to recognize at least 90% correct.

I think the biggest problem with speech recognization is that it annoys everyone around you. I would use it more often but I don't like being noisy...

Maybe if it could be made to work well while whispering....

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