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> Humans kill over 100 people per day in traffic accidents in the US alone

They also drive 8-9 billion miles per day. That's around 1 death per 90 million miles of driving. Given the number of AV miles that are driven annually right now, we actually would expect to see ~0 deaths per year if AVs were as safe as humans...

FWIW, Tesla claims to have logged 1.2 billion autopilot (primarily freeway only) miles as of last summer:


It is probably best to categorize these as autopilot PLUS human supervision, but anyway, Wikipedia cites 3 autopilot-caused deaths worldwide over 3 years or so.


It's all worth subcategorizing. Highway driving is substantially safer than surface streets, and if you stick to awake, sober, daytime drivers in good weather, the safety of human drivers is even higher.

Given that autopilot can handle nighttime, but not the others, it's completely possible that 1/300 million miles is above the sober good weather highway human driver fatality rate.

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