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Keller finished designing HW3 before departing Tesla. In a recent tweet Musk claimed HW3 is nearing production, then, a while after after media outlets rushed to report on the first tweet Elon threw out the caveat, which is that HW3 won't be going into cars until the software is ready, which could mean anything, and likely means they are nowhere near having their current software validated for HW3, let alone FSD.

Hmm, he says the upgrade will be offered in a few months: https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1117118581865476096

Always a good sign when the designer bails before production.

In Keller's case, that's his MO. He did exactly the same thing with Zen which basically saved AMD. I'm fairly bearish on Tesla and don't read anything in to it.

That's actually Jim Keller's M.O, he doesn't hang around for long. He does the bit he's interested in and then moves on. In the last decade he's worked for Apple, AMD, Tesla and Intel.

Here's a recent interview he did with his new role at Intel. https://www.hpcwire.com/2019/03/21/interview-with-2019-perso...

I can appreciate being so good you can get away with that.

What's M.O?

Modus operandi - someone's habits of working, particularly in the context of business or criminal investigations.


Why did the first 2 replies to this comment use the phrasing that that is his 'MO'?

I posted mine and looked back at the thread and someone else had posted at roughly the same time. Coincidence I guess. M O is a good term to describe the situation

Isn't software a bigger issue? I mean it took Nervana and Nvidia a non-trivial amount of years to optimize code. This is also the reason OpenCL is next to useless for deep learning, and AMD is creating a HIP transpiler instead of building it's own equivalents of CUBLAS/CUDNN/....

I believe the chipset was designed with the current/future roadmap of the AI in mind. I think its basically a chipset optimised for the particular neural net approach they are using.

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