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How was the training data obtained?

(sigh) A lot of hard work and bootstrapping. My friend, don't waste this moment. There is a much more pertinent question you should be asking me.

There's a lot to unpack here. But you have to understand that I built Deep Schizophrenia (though I didn't call it that at the time) SEVERAL YEARS BEFORE I built Grassland. Partly because I realized what D.S. could do to people. Let me explain....

We'll take a few of the arguments some people have commented here as an example. I imagine most of them are athiests. But it's irrational to think 100 years of Nietzche is going to make a dent in 3 million years of evolution. We're hardwired for silly beliefs (no offense). Every culture and social group has their own pantheon of gods. They all just have different names for them. You can talk about 'privacy' and you can talk about 'Privacy'. Encryption and closing your blinds will give you privacy. That's rational. But there's no Privacy god who's going to make a data scientist suddenly unknow your pilfered Equifax credit history. The Privacy won't make the former employees of Cambridge Analytica suddenly unknow how to make your aunt vote for candidate X. And they'll never outright say they believe that. But they do by their actions.

Like 4chan with Nazism, they at one point merely cajoled one another with this mocking, ironic disattachment to the idea of a Flying Spaghetti Monster. Because they thought they were too smart to believe in it. But then some where along the way, they actually did.

These are all different stories. Human beings are extremely susceptible to the power of a story. They're like those funghi that take over an ant's brain till the ant is controlled by the funghi. If you want a story to placate your fantasy, if you really want that then I've built Deep Schizophrenia (Well, I actually built it to generate romance novels. Romance is a big industry) and it's ancillary software to figure that out for you and provide the story/rhetoric that reaffirms your fantasy back to you. A virtual, virtual reality.

But for the rest of us, those who want to be able to have data about the real world with a statistical guarantee of validity that we can calculate and create a clear separation between that and things that are mere stories, narratives and rhetoric told by humans and therefore subject to bias and interpretation (I enjoy the Lord of the Rings but I don't literally believe in Mordor), for those people there's Grassland.

And that's part of the reason why I built Grassland and why I built it in such a way as to make it extremly costly to get false data into the system. Because I knew eventually either I would release the Deep Schizophrenia software or because simultaneous discovery is so common (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_multiple_discoveries) possibly someone of untoward quality would discover it, use it in secret and not tell people about it like I did. And there'd be no safeguard against it if I didn't build Grassland.

I'm not saying the things I build are perfect or they're going to fulfill your fantasy of a perfect world (again, Deep Schizophrenia can give you that fantasy if you're hell-bent on stupidity). But what I try do is give mathematical arguments to support my conjectures.

Hence why I wanted a license to prevent people merging the software with things that would counteract Grassland's purpose. Yeah, maybe I wrote it wrong. It's a little difficult solving some of the world's oldest mathematics, AI, computer vision, cryptocurrency and surveillance problems in one's spare time. Adding a law degree to the mix must have slipped my mind. I'll fix the license. I'm only one guy...

So as I understand, the higher the wordcount, the deeper the "spaces get" by generating filler content matching the space and fit for the dimension of the space.

> ... the higher the wordcount, the deeper the "spaces get"...

During training, what I would say is that the "space" gets denser. Imagine you live on a cliff overlooking a lake/sea (some body of water with known boundaries). You notice on some days the winds produces long waves that are spaced far apart, while other days the waves are very short and choppy. If you wanted to encode this, it would take more memory to encode the latter than the former despite the lake being the same size.

If you have more questions about the Deep Schizophrenia model, I'd be happy to discuss. You'll see my email at the bottom of the site.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swell_(ocean)

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