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I put a reaction on the site of the writer of the blog, but it looks like he removed it. So I'll repeat here. The text misses structure, clearness and the writer makes the same assumpion as Paul Graham, namely that a programmer thinks in the programming language he uses. To start with the last: "to write a good program, we need to think above the code level. Programmers spend a lot of time thinking about how to code, and many coding methods have been proposed: test-driven development, agile programming, and so on. But if the only sorting algorithm a programmer knows is bubble sort, no such method will produce code that sorts in O(n log n) time. Nor will it turn an overly complex conception of how a program should work into simple, easy to maintain code. We need to understand our programming task at a higher level before we start writing code. [..] There are two things I specify about programs: what they do and how they do it. Often, the hard part of writing a piece of code is figuring out what it should do. Once we understand that, coding is easy." (Leslie Lamport, https://archive.li/2zZKy). Sentences in de Groot's blog like "these powerful Lisp/Smalltalk systems weave code and brains together in a way that amplifies both." are incomprehensible. The question at the end of the blog looks rhetorical to me "I think I’ll end while hoping that someone out there on planet Earth reads this and proves me wrong :)". It is not clear what should be proved wrong, I suspect the writer is satisfied with his musings.

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