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Well, due to these decisions D seems to have become a (quite unpopular) "middle ground" / "centrist" language:

- people who want something more dead-simple / no-magic go for Go

- people who want the full combo of "max performance" + "performance-wise-free abstraction" + "extra safety" go for Rust

And conservatives stick to C++. Hence D didn't get very popular. I think it's a programmer psychology issue: people just don't like "middle ground languages" they want to clearly be in one extreme and accept its tradeoffs.

(There's Swift as a counter-example currently growing outside of iOS-dev towards ML, but I guess it's more like it being "like Go but with operator overloading and some macro-like infra features that ML people want & need"...)

I think the main driver for Swift is that it's a modern replacement for Objective-C, which feels very dated at times.

Well, ignoring Apple s ecosystem uniqueness, being an Obj C successor is kinda the same as a C++ successor

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