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This is both really wrong factually and really cynical to a degree that is also wrong. This may be _some_ people's dreams, but the reality is that this is not the foundation story of Java, at all. Java's popularity had more to do with its portability (you could write your code on your Windoze box and then deploy it to SunOS or Linux with a reasonable expectation of it working just fine) and its safety (it was a marked improvement over C) than on the dream that it would be the language that allowed for offshoring your team.

In fact, amusingly, I'd argue Golang is more explicitly designed to be able to bring new developers up to speed rapidly and not requiring them to be language experts to be productive. This has direct impact with respect to being able to hire developers, possibly en masse. And hey, whaddaya know, it was dreamed up by a $bigcorp way bigger than Sun was back in the day.

The reality tho is that $bigcorp just wants to be able to write more code, not replace the coders they already have.

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