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I’m not sure I buy this: I recently had to write a bit of ruby (an omniauth strategy for my company’s OAuth2 server) and the code I encountered there (as well as in the various rails projects I’ve worked on) may as well have been written in macro-heavy lisp: in fact, lisp or smalltalk would be preferable because they would have good source navigation tools for the macros, such as a stepping macro-expander.

Ruby supports a lot of metaprogramming, and some libraries and frameworks take advantage of that. It's not the best counter example to Lisp/Smalltalk.

My point is that a fairly popular platform that large teams use has nearly as much metaprogramming in its widely used libraries as any Lisp or Smalltalk codebase I’ve seen. So, I don’t think that the tendency of Lisp programs to evolve DSLs is incompatible with large teams.

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