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metaprogramming allows more compression of your code than functions alone, sometimes by huge factors

Yep. I named my company ‘metaobject’ after The Art of Metaobject Protocol. 20 years ago.

Metaprogramming is powerful. Can we make it more practical so we can reduce or eliminate the chasm Cees writes about?

i’ve actually just bought this book and plan to read it soon, any advice on how to get the most (order of reading, other papers/books to checkout etc) out of it?

Any resource reccomendations?

Alas, not much at this point.

My basic starting point is architectural connectors as the basis for "metaprogramming".

So bake support for creating and adapting architectural connectors into the language, and then you can do most if not all the things you want with metaprogramming, while at least discouraging the things you don't want.

Key is to provide a set of adaptable connectors as a basis, so you guide good meta-design (and reduce its necessity) by providing good examples, rather than enforcing it.

Working on a language, tentatively called Objective-Smalltalk: http://objective.st/About/

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