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My Firefox currently has a plugin named "Windows Activation Technologies". I assume this was installed by Microsoft; presumably it's not spying on me logging my data although I don't of course know that for sure. But there is no option to uninstall it, so by your definition that is indeed evil.

You get that if you do a Windows activation through Firefox instead of Internet Explorer.

Would you prefer the alternative of only being able to activate Windows through IE?

You can also choose to run an application each time and paste in a result, if I remember right.

Would malicious be a better term?

I'm assuming you could fix this, but the majority of computer users would have no idea what this is, or even that the plugin architecture exists.

You are prompted to install this plugin if you try to activate/validate Windows or other software via Firefox instead of MSIE.

At least Microsoft let you choose to install this and what browser you want to use.

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