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Here's the full list:


Any recomendations?

FYI, Microsoft Press ebooks, which are also sold through O'Reilly, qualify for this deal too. For whatever reason, they are not listed on the parent link though.


I've heard (many times) that Code Complete is very good-- I'm strongly considering purchasing it.

Oh - in that case, Charles Petzold's 'Code' is in my opinion a genuine masterpiece. It's a hard-to-place book in many ways. It explains what computers 'are' from the ground up, in a way that's accurate, fun to read if you're even passingly interested, and fairly complete.

A fascinating book for both those who know nothing about computers, and so well written it's still a great read for those who know them inside out. If not for yourself, it's possibly a great gift for a family member who wonders what exactly it is that you 'do'.


It also works for Land of Lisp! 24.95 -> $9.98

It's been mentioned here a lot of times during the last few weeks.

JavaScript: the good parts

Time Management for System Administrators By Thomas A. Limoncelli


Beautiful Data (http://oreilly.com/catalog/9780596157111/) sounds interesting.

I'm considering The Book of PF, Second Edition.

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