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Copyright law is completely bugged. Copyright should last 10 years or the life of the creator. And putting lights on a tower shouldn't be copywritten.

The problem with that is it encourages murder. That's the reason for the lifetime + X years rule.

Putting a variable into the equation was a mistake to begin with. You shouldn't have to look a person up in an encyclopedia to know when a copyright expires. It should be a fixed 20 years, automatic, with no extensions or exceptions, and no ex-post-facto alterations of the terms.

Certainly, I agree. But the parent comment said "10 years or the life of the creator". If copyright expired the day of the creator's death, it would encourage murders. Better to have just "10 years from creation", but much worse to have "10 years or the life of the creator."

Citation requested.

Is there any evidence of this in the legislative history?

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