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Tell HN: Save 60% on all O'Reilly E-books
65 points by unignorant on Nov 29, 2010 | hide | past | favorite | 24 comments
Use the code DDF2H. Today only, as far as I know.

Hopefully this is not too spammy, but I figured that others might like to know about the deal.

Actually mildly annoyed, since I got in on the pragprog 40% off deal for black friday, and now many of their titles are available here for 60% off today.

On the topic of eBooks, why on earth is the iBooks Store so useless? The selection seems to be tiny and the only way to browse is through very broad categories like 'non-fiction.' it's like Apple out it up there just for show and don't seriously care about it.

Here's the full list:


Any recomendations?

FYI, Microsoft Press ebooks, which are also sold through O'Reilly, qualify for this deal too. For whatever reason, they are not listed on the parent link though.


I've heard (many times) that Code Complete is very good-- I'm strongly considering purchasing it.

Oh - in that case, Charles Petzold's 'Code' is in my opinion a genuine masterpiece. It's a hard-to-place book in many ways. It explains what computers 'are' from the ground up, in a way that's accurate, fun to read if you're even passingly interested, and fairly complete.

A fascinating book for both those who know nothing about computers, and so well written it's still a great read for those who know them inside out. If not for yourself, it's possibly a great gift for a family member who wonders what exactly it is that you 'do'.


It also works for Land of Lisp! 24.95 -> $9.98

It's been mentioned here a lot of times during the last few weeks.

JavaScript: the good parts

Time Management for System Administrators By Thomas A. Limoncelli


Beautiful Data (http://oreilly.com/catalog/9780596157111/) sounds interesting.

I'm considering The Book of PF, Second Edition.

Oh why don't they have the latest edition of JS The Definitive Guide on sale?? Beware: don't buy the old edition which is on sale (it's four years old). The 6th edition is available for $25 for both online access and pdf version, so I just bought that - http://my.safaribooksonline.com/9781449393854.

What's the source of this code? Using an unsourced coupon code is is in the least ethically troubling - how do I know it wasn't intended to be private?

More practically, how do I know I'm /allowed/ to use it, and O'Reilly won't be within their rights to bill me the full amount later when they work out what's going on?

It's on their homepage. http://oreilly.com/

Ah. I take back any insinuations I made on anyone's ethics then!

A link to the page in the summary would have been a good thing to have though.

Once you've bought something, and assuming you don't opt out, O'Reilly email details of these offers to you - that's possibly where the OP heard about it. They seem always to be generally available via the home page.

Note that you can also subscribe to their RSS feed on these offers (beware: could be expensive)


I just bought "Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript", went to the the download page, and found out that it is available online for free: http://ofps.oreilly.com/titles/9780596805784/index.html

WTF, O'Reilly?

Yell at the writer for licensing it Creative Commons.

I'd consider it tribute for putting a worthwhile book into the world as such.

Anyone know if the RESTful Web Services book is any good, or know of a good resource? http://oreilly.com/catalog/9780596801687/

Yes, it's very instructive. It's written in the typical terse cookbook style. Read the Amazon reviews, they nail it pretty well.


I preferred it to RESTful Web Services, which is rather long winded.

"We're sorry, but your promotional code was invalid."

no joy for me.

Edit: works for ebooks only for me, not for printed versions. I'm outside the US, so that may be a factor?

Just bought one and it worked just fine.

edit: it explicitely says it's only for e-books and videos.

40% off print here: MYPF4

Via: https://twitter.com/#!/stuccharlton/status/9185592818536448

Not sure about the US-only bit, though.

The coupon is good for there video titles too (according to there homepage).

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