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That's effectively the network setup I have. A long range radio link to a farm in the area that then has an upstream link (again via radio) to a residence that has a fiber connection.

The latency can be huge when we have less-that-optimal conditions.

Since the throughput is low and the latency high, it's not streaming-video capabl. A buddy downloads a load of movies to an ssd and drops that off every now and then.

For real-time news I use an actual radio. There are some good news and music stations in the area.

I have an offline copy of the spanish language wikipedia.

Very cool. I would love it if there was better tooling for using a kbps connection for download/searching file lists and making a 'drop drive request', so you could use your low speed connection to decide what you want on the drive, then buddy could basically just get a list of files to curl, throw em on the drive with new indexes of available file directories.

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