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It was a nightmare. We all had a deadline to book these installers for the Cisco VPNs and VM servers. IIRC IBM wrote the code, but Domino's retained the rights.

It was a great time for the company. Total 180 on quality, investing heavily in the right tech. 3 years after we installed the server & thin clients all around, 33% of orders and 50% of revenue aas online.

Online sales drove order frequency, ticket price and customer satisfaction while lowering costs. It was such a genius move.

Source: I was a Domino's GM and franchise for 17 years and saw this transition.

It's kind of interesting how Little Caesars found success with the opposite strategy. Instead of "our food sucks, lets make it better and improve the ordering experience too", they said "I bet people won't mind if their pizza tastes like cardboard as long as it only costs $5, they don't have to order it, and can pick it up on the way home".

Little Caesars has an app! Never tried it myself but they have a little cage where you scan your phone (or whatever) and the door opens to get your pizza.

I usually just call ahead instead of having to sit around 10-15 minutes or ask what's ready if I don't want something specific.

Disclaimer: I eat Little Caesars probably way too much.

Amazing insights, thank you for sharing! It seems to have been a smart investment.

> Total 180 on quality

Is this alluding to "30 minutes or less"?

Nothing to do with the service guarentee^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H "commitment".

It was a redesign from the ground up of the pizza. New dough & sauce formula. A butter/garlic/seasoning added to the crust.

Also Quantity of cheese on a plain pie increased by 50%. A 14" pie went from 7oz to 10oz. Owners lost their shit over this mandated cost increase. Everyone shut up about 4 months later once sales were up 50%.

And a very, very nice advertising campaign. The CEO got on TV and said "Our pizza sucks. Sorry. We know, we listened, we fixed it. Buy three of them for $15 and if you don't like it, we will refund your money no questions asked".

The new customer satisfaction rules were another source of contention. The 100% satisfaction guarentee made franchisees, especially those in.... "urban" environments very nervous. They thought there would be a line out the door of people scamming. My store in such a "low-income, high-population density" environment.

Corporate came down hard on them. Owners, even huge multi-store franchises with 10s of millions in sales were told where the door was if they didn't like it. I was very proud of the central office. They took what could be an excuse to make two rules - One for Flatbush Avenue and another for Newport Beach - and applied it across the company. It really endeared higher management to the workers, many of which lived in just such areas.

I was never worried, and it turned out to not be a problem. The number people who asked for a refund for questionable reasons were very very small and an easily absorbed cost of business.

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