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Very interesting.

If the dark web becomes popular though, won't the same people try to regulate it?

They could make .onion link illegal for ISPs to load and kill it overnight.

That's actually already been proposed in Germany. The parliamentary state secretary of the interior ministry just last month said:

"People who use the darknet usually are up to no good. This simple realization should be reflected in our legal system."


"I understand why the darknet can be useful in autocratic systems. But in a free and open democracy, in my opinion, there is no legitimate use."

The irony is quite delicious.

Really? Tastes bitter and a tad coppery to me.

I use Tor + VPN just to read Reddit these days :D

Isn't one of the main points of Tor that other than by knowing that an IP is an exit node, no one is able to tell you're using it? And .onion resolution is entirely client side, no?

The ISP can see your traffic going towards entry nodes if I'm not mistaken.

TLDR: You can use pluggable transports.

It's super difficult to build a low latency mix-net that covertly works inside an adversarial network.

In addition to the current models over which onion/garlic routing are based upon you would (at least) need to add to the core of your software traffic obfuscation, a series of covert channels, NAT bypass, ...

Tor and other mix networks simplify the problem assuming that there's a portion of the Internet that is free and introducing censorship circumvention mechanisms.

Of course, the assumption is increasingly untrue.

Perhaps we could crowdfund Tor node satellites?

Random thoughts: high latency, costs, vulnerability to spoofing and jamming, distribution of ODUs/IDUs, trust in the owner/manager of the link

What about (maybe) lasers + LEO, basically what Musk does?

ISPs never see .onion URLs. They just see encrypted traffic to and among Tor relays. But yes, they could block that.

In this case, it helps if the evil US military actually does use Tor :)

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