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> I did. I've followed every public draft of the language as its developed

You clearly didn't.

From the text itself: "for less than three years and which have an annual turnover below EUR 10 million"

Do you see the "and" there? This means that ANY business that is older than 3 NEEDS to comply with filters.

I read the text, because it directly impacts my platform. The solution is: start a foreign corporation.

Your comments here, and in your other posts where you think that streamers have "legal" problems, clearly indicate that you have completely no clue what you are talking about.

Small content creators will be filtered out, and small platforms will need to comply to all the different laws of each EU country. This is crazy.

>You clearly didn't.

I did. I wrote at length about it in the previous thread, and provided links to the language of the articles as well as the elements that were ignored.

You need to read ALL of the language to understand how the proportionality requirement impacts the scope delimitation requirement you're listing.

If you don't do that, you end up with a broken understanding of how the gears fit together.

The legislation does have holes in it, but they aren't that 'small content creators will be filtered out'. People aren't going to litigate against small content creators in the first place. They're going to get smacked by Content ID, which is already ruining livelihoods, but which is a completely separate issue from the EU legislation.



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