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and yet you are still alive and not starving to death. But the banter I see on here is android video game developers complaining that a move away from android will be the end of them.

Google is not stupid, they are not going to deprecate android overnight and replace it with Fuschia, this operating system has been in the works open source, you can see the commits on github for atleast two years I think more, and there will clearly be many iterations of its development to come with increasing adoption each time as people make money on the platform, just like with Android which took years before it reached the threshold of 50% use compared to iphones and no iphone video games developers that I know of starved to death trying to adapt to this change. The drama on this thread about api changes are significant for sure and I understand Google redacts API's or suddenly starts charging for them in a way that makes small companies close up shop overnight (like google maps for example) but it is not a justification to pretend that objective limitations around Moore's Law and the need for competition in computer hardware is forcing companies who have experience in both spaces to reconsider kernel development at a more fundamental scale.

Android is being ported to run on top of Fuchsia.

which is why I'm confused about all of the top ranking comments complaining that android will change their API for this. Will this require a change for android app developers if this is the case? Regardless, this seems like a more fundamental layer of improvement.

They are mostly by folks that never did Android development and think they are free to use Linux code as is on the NDK.

Still, it will be a scenario similar to ChromeOS. How many people are buying ChromeOS devices to run Android apps?

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