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"Such [content-sharing] services should not include services that have a main purpose other than that of enabling users to upload and share a large amount of copyright-protected content with the purpose of obtaining profit from that activity."

Well, if that's true, then the big question becomes what counts as for-profit. Do you need to be incorporated? What about a blog that has some ads to pay for server costs? Will Europeans be able to upload to Youtube as long as they turn monetisation off?

If being non-profit is the big way out, then that goes a long way to mitigate the damage from this. Although it still sucks for small content creators who do want to monetize their own creations but lack the resources to create their own platform.

If it's your own blog, you are basically responsible for your own stuff. If you document where you got your assets from, I think every court will give you a pass, if someone wants to get you with the laws resulting from this directive (though the existing copyright-laws still apply to you).

Youtube is the target of this law and as they earn money with your video, they have to comply with European law, if they want to be active in Europe.

True, but people posting comments could post copyright-infringing material. Then again, they don't get money from that (unless it's spam, I suppose).

You should look at European laws (as should all the European citizens rightfully protesting stupid politicians)... For private blogs, the current process still will apply. I'm not even sure, if it does today include the provider privilege (which basically favors commercial platforms today), thus already enforcing moderation (or selling out discussion to disqus, etc). Also, people today could run around posting extremist propaganda in comments, which makes moderation necessary. As the result of this, most private (german) blogs I know are already implementing human content filters, e.g. post by email.

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