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> BMG-EMI-XYZ Music Corp does not own this work.

Hasn't stopped big companies from making false claims before. After all they are the ones responding (and likely rejecting) the appeal of the uploader. See: https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2018/09/sorry-sony-music...

> And we know that detecting that certain recording via music matching does not work, only checking the strong hash of it would work. Which would be trivial to circumvent by a single bit-flip.

So you're saying that even Google hasn't made upload filters work reliably? Who can if not the company behind Youtube?

Google filters might have a success rate of 10%. We know that Facebook was not able to detect all the instances of the New Zealand shooting live recording, which is a trivial instance of exact matching.

They would need to match all EU copyrighted work. There's not even a database of EU copyrighted work. Because our copyright law works differently than in the US. There's no exact OCR or proper fuzzy matching of video or audio possible. Maybe with success rates of 60%. This is too risky for a big content provider. Esp. dealing with an entity who has no idea what they are talking about (the EU parliament).

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