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Sorry -- not all affected platforms are run by "big corporations". All for-profit plateforms over 3 years old are affected, even small ones. This will severely harm the EU startup scene in that category.

> All for-profit plateforms over 3 years old are affected, even small ones


So, what happened to that? ^

Parliament wanted:

> Apply the law to platforms that “optimise and promote” significant amounts of user-uploaded works and are not small businesses (turnover below €10M and less than 50 employees)

According to: https://juliareda.eu/2018/10/copyright-trilogue-positions/

Apparently, France happened to that: https://juliareda.eu/2019/02/article-13-worse/

So you're saying this is what passed? If it wasn't for the "Available to the public for less than 3 years", I wouldn't be as worried.


Upload filters must be installed by everyone except those services which fit all three of the following extremely narrow criteria:

* Available to the public for less than 3 years

* Annual turnover below €10 million

* Fewer than 5 million unique monthly visitors

Yes, this is what passed.

The "5 million unique monthly visitors" point is concerning too, because that term is not clearly defined.

Does that rule contain a definition of 'platform'? I probably cannot just change the name every 3 years, can I?

The term they use is "online content sharing platform" + some rules about organizing content. Please see the text, it is a bit messy, I think it is better than quoting parts of it here. Depends on how you interpret it.

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