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Having gone through this just recently I feel compelled to comment. I feel this isn't being discussed more, because parents are ashamed they allowed their children to use the service (I am not).


My kids started on Musical.ly before other social media. Private accounts, IRL friends only.

My daughter, a TikTok user was prompted one day to enter her birthdate.

Not thinking too much about it (and without asking me), she did so. She entered her birth DAY but used the current year: 2018 (see the article). Should be an easy fix right?

Despite this obvious error (do 5 month olds really use the app?) she was now locked out.


We requested a copy of all her videos.

TikTok sent a text file to our email with a list of MP4 URLS.

I downloaded a browser extension to help auto-download this rather extensive list.

My daughter now has a new account, with a just old enough age to not get locked out again. sigh


TikTok literally built a billion dollar business on kids and are now giving them the boot.

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