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FWIW their "largest competitor" ag-grid still has an open source version available: https://github.com/ag-grid/ag-grid They neatly separated the proprietary parts in https://github.com/ag-grid/ag-grid-enterprise

About ag-Grid and Handsontable... I am founder of another JavaScript Grid product. FancyGrid - https://fancygrid.com I know much about this market and situation. ag-Grid is too popular and trampled all competitors over catching almost all possible commercial clients. It is unreal to compete with them, they killed this market and become monopolist. Handsontable has no way to do. Now ag-Grid also is going to kill JavaScript Chart Libraries market. Sorely ag-Grid is too successful and leaves no chance for competitors to survive.

Can't remember who it was but one of their competitors where clearly not understanding open source, they'd state it was Apache licensed and freely available *but according to them you had to sign an agreement and pay a fee to use it commercially".

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