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Please give me back Symbian C++ versus the experience of using the Android NDK.

And if you prefer a more modern example, Android is indeed worse to use than UWP or iOS.

When they release stable releases, they are actually betas, and updated documentation is scattered around Medium and G+ posts, alongside Google IO and DevBytes videos, why bother updating the official documentation.

After 10 years, the NDK still feels like a 20% job from a team that is forced to accept that Android should provide a bit more than just 100% Java.

> Please give me back Symbian C++ versus the experience of using the Android NDK.

Please no, Symbian C++ was the worst development environment i had the displeasure to touch. I'd rather hand write every Java binding for every single API call manually in NDK than even consider looking at Symbian C++ again.

(relevant experience from Nokia's Series 60 around the time of 6600, i don't know if Symbian improved after that, i lost all will to bother with the platform, but considering you still had to implement exceptions via macros by hand because of technical decisions made two decades earlier, despite the platform not being backwards compatible and thus could fix said decisions, i do not expect that things improved)

It did improve at the end, the last iteraction with Carbide(2nd Eclipse attempt), Qt and PIPS was much better than using the NDK.

And now they are shutting down G+, so all those posts and pieces of missing documentation will simply disappear! (Unless Archive.org ot somebody else saved a copy.)

Oh, the irony!

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