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My experience with android has been very similar. For example, last week I ran into a bug that seems like a simple omission that was reported back in 2010 (https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/36918490). It took until Feb 12, 2019 to get an official response:

> We're planning to implement a new more powerful network request interception API in a future version, which will be available to L+ devices with a recent enough WebView via AndroidX. Being able to read POST bodies is one of the features we're intending to include. Unfortunately we can't share schedule information about when this may be available, but we are aware of this use case and intend to support it.

Instead of fixing bugs and making incremental improvements, they seem to have a strong propensity for grand rewrites.

I got tired of the constant parade of new Google APIs, libraries, and technologies years ago and have been choosing alternative products whenever possible.

This sounds suspiciously like CADT, as described by JWZ: https://www.jwz.org/doc/cadt.html

Considering how that site handles links from HN, you might want to consider linking it through https://nullrefer.com or the like.


Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Thanks for the link!

Haha, so this is what happened? I had a big WTF moment.

Apparently the author of jwz.org doesn't like HN. This is him, by the way:


I had no idea he (JWZ) hadn't gone to College. Very impressive.

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