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> That sounds like you want to continue using APIs and OS from 1970s

If possible, I'd prefer to keep using APIs from 1960 instead.

Then perhaps you shouldn't be using an OS from 2020 ? Demands for POSIX compatibility really seem like cargo culting these days, considering none of the popular platforms will have apps use only POSIX APIs. It's a crutch that holds back API design white still demanding that you use OS specific syscalls in pretty much every software out there.

>> It's a crutch that holds back API design

When I read that I caught a hint at a problem. API design should not be an ongoing activity. People should design a new API and then we should all use it for a long time. If it's frustrating that POSIX is still used, you might want to consider that stability is the feature that keeps it around.

Perhaps it's time to reread Joel on "fire and motion":


I'm all for this Fuchsia thing, but they claim to have the experience to design something better so do that and let it stand. Regular software updates are actually a sign that you don't know what you're doing.

New APIs make sense but keeping the old ones for backwards compatibility does too.

Sure, but there's no reason you have to do that in the kernel.

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