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I think instead of comparing this to a front end web framework, you should consider how Fuschia is designed using capabilities (similar to the concept of a system call, and how a system call handler works) around a fundamental restructuring of a kernel: originally named Magenta, now called Zircon, to fundamentally optimize for the evolving modular architecture of advanced mobile computing. Understanding how the OS design flows from the original kernel design is key to understanding Fuschia OS as a whole. This article from two years ago does a pretty job of justifying its' existence (in this article, Zicron is referred to as Magenta as it had not been renamed yet): https://lwn.net/Articles/718267/ but I would actually love to hear feedback/constructive criticism of the kernel architecture itself.

I remember where I was and what I was supposed to be doing when I was instead reading the HN article that posted this lwn article (above) about Magenta 2 yrs ago, after finding Eric Love's Guide to Linux Kernel Development, and found this a fascinating read to compare to, given my learnings in kernel dev at the time.

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