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That doesn't really solve the problem, only reduces the magnitude of it. You'd still have 30 year olds entering something like 2010 as their birth date just because they're impatient, didn't care to provide their real birth date, and didn't realize the significance of the question.

They'd go from "wtf stop asking me questions" to "you don't need to know that about me" to "wtf I'm locked out?" in about 5 seconds flat. And I don't think there is anything you can do about that. If they implemented a second chance system ("are you sure about that? input a different year or we're going to lock your account") it sounds like that would be another violation of COPPA, defeating the point of the whole ordeal.

Of course good design won't solve every single user problem, but it will solve a lot of them, and we have a responsibility to do that.

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