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I used hands on table (free) in an internal project. I would have had the budget to pay a license but the “N developer” option[1] was too confusing. We have interns and outsourcing partners potentially touching the code, how many licenses do I need? Negotiate an enterprise license?

This would have involved legal department and dramatically increased cost and time to resolve.

A “not more than 100 unique users per day” license for 1000 USD I would have bought in a blink of an eye.

[1] https://handsontable.com/pricing

Agreed, seat-based licenses suck. Like, do you pay for developers that do code review but not necessarily touch this particular codebase? What happens when your company grows, or you get acquired?

Same for 'machine' (or even worse, 'cpu') based ones...

I don't know what a good number for cost scaling would be, if any. But what most companies offer right now is plainly terrible.

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