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A decade isn't much for an operating system...

It is when you start thinking about our approach to security in 2019, versus our approach to security in 2009. And sometimes the baseline assumptions about how software is written makes it exceedingly hard to, in flight, rebuild for our new understanding of what is needed for good security.

Attempts to do so often entail more or less, tacking on a whole different environment, as Microsoft has attempted with UWP. To a certain degree, it'd be easier to just start over from scratch, as Google is attempting to do.

We mainly changed our focus from protecting multiple users from each other to protecting multiple applications from each other. But Android always had the latter model. Apart from that I don't think a lot has changed from 2009 to 2019?

given that capabilities were considered by many the future of security in the 1970s, you could say that the community understood full well how to provide a fine-grained policy machine with good enforcement guarantees.

either they or the organizations paying the bills just didnt care yet.

Microsoft is still at it, just from the other side, by merging Win32 and UWP containers.

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