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It takes it from 'we didn't even bother asking' to 'the person actively lied to us when we tried to do the right thing'. Seems like a big difference in responsibility to me.

I don't deny that TikTok made a mistake. I'm pointing out that in practice throwing up an age gate changes nothing. Sure, it's a dirt simple way of avoiding responsibility and TikTok should have at least done that much (doubly so since a whole story arc about this was aired on Silicon Valley). But if we really care about keeping under 13-year-olds from using these web apps or having their data collected then a more robust system of verification should be implemented.

I think the point is nobody really cares about stopping 12 year olds using the service.

The 12 year old themselves wants to use the service. The service wants to be used. Most parents want their child to be able to do what they think is fun.

The only people against it are the people who don't want to properly supervise their children online, but also don't want them disadvantaged, so want the entire online service banned so nobody gets access.

COPPA isn't about preventing children accessing the service, it's about protecting their right not to have their personal data gathered and sold. Wikipedia has a reasonable summary: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Children%27s_Online_Privacy_Pr...

isnt that all out of the gate once the kids press the "Im over 13 y.o"(or input false d.o.b) button to use their app/site?

If yes, then Im not sure what it protects except false sense of security

Yeah, like what was the lowest age their ad targeting tools would go?

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