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Wikileaks attack fake?
8 points by oomkiller 2370 days ago | hide | past | web | 7 comments | favorite
I was curious to how bad the DDOS of Wikileaks was, so I pulled down the A records for the domain. I noticed that there were two records. One of them never loads, and the other IP returns an empty response. I decided I would use curl to specify the Host: header, and I suddenly saw wikileaks again. Nothing there though, so it leads me to believe maybe something fake is going on? Either that or the DDOSers are quite naive (to leave one IP protected). You can even browse the site, just put wikileaks.org in your hosts file.

Maybe you should ask this guy [1].

[1] http://twitter.com/#!/th3j35t3r

Out of interest, did you find him unexpectedly by searching twitter, or in some other way?

A friend pointed him out to me. I don't know how he came to find out.

That guy has 804 followers. What makes you think he's capable of orchestrating a DDoS?

perhaps because being able to perform a ddos has no correlation at all with having twitter followers? What on earth are you thinking?

I'm not saying that guy is behind it, just that I don't follow why you link lack of twitter followers with ddos ability.

Nothing. He merely takes responsibility for it in one of his tweets, and subsequently claims it wasn't a DDoS.

I'm just saying, 'ask him'.

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