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Much as I love the small phone (I had a 5S and an SE) ... the link is for the refurb store.

So this isn't anything about Apple restarting production of these - just that they've had some returned that they are now reselling. If you want one, it's probably the best way to get hold of one, but it's not a long-term, or even medium-term solution to the "no decent small phone available" problem.

These are NOT refurbished iPhone SEs, these are new iPhone SEs. They are only in the refurbished section of the store because Apple just didn't bother making a dedicated section for clearance products. If you look at a product listing for an actually refurbished iPhone, you'll see that it's clearly labeled as refurbished in the title and description. [1] The iPhone SE listings are not labeled as such.

[1]: https://www.apple.com/shop/product/FN492LL/A/Refurbished-iPh...

5S was the perfect size, if only it could run Linux.

What I like to use is:

  - Blink shell
  - hooked to a tmux session
  - connected with Mosh
  - over a ZeroTier network
  - to a UNIX machine in the cloud or at home (Linux, macOS, whatever).
The effect is a really snappy and powerful shell in a full UNIX system that stays up and connected even though your connection is dropped or moves from wifi to cellular, and your networks still stay closed and secure.

It's not the same as running Linux on the phone. However, in some respects it's better. It's trivially easy to move the session to another device (phone/tablet, or computer), and you don't need to use the phone's battery for processing. And you can summon a ton of computing power if you need to.

Blink shell, an iOS terminal emulator: https://www.blink.sh

tmux is like screen. It's a bit arcane at first but it's worth it. (Mouse scrollback is recommended. It works inside blink.) Introduction: https://hackernoon.com/a-gentle-introduction-to-tmux-8d784c4...

mosh enhances ssh and adds roaming, supports intermittent connectivity, and cuts perceived lag a lot by being smarter about the interface vs. the network roundtrip. (It works kind of like a online game engine that predicts network events). https://mosh.org

ZeroTier is an open-source secure virtual network layer that's good at hole punching so you can just have the real network completely walled off: https://www.zerotier.com/

I also love BlinkShell and Mosh which is what makes using iOS as a dev/admin front-end setup workable

how the hell do people use a cli on a phone

Try it! It’s worth having.

Plus: Bluetooth keyboards work, and you can connect to external displays with, say, an HDMI dongle or AirPlay.

Check out iSH, it's an Alpine Linux VM for iOS. It's a great SSH client.

The readme is terrifying though - at the bottom, the author admits how difficult it has become to debug, which makes me wonder if it's worth devoting my time to it if they will eventually grow tired of keeping the project up to date. It is difficult to get other contributors to adopt difficult code.

If you jailbreak your phone, you can duel-boot iOS and Android on some models, but its a sub-par experience.

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