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Regarding you first link, it does not justify the civilian suffering. There are many instances of the U.S. sponsoring unsaviory groups, but I don't think anyone would argue the citizens should suffer as a result.

The second link is not relevant, the international community is confident Iran is sticking to the agreement, so pointing to a non-existent issue as some kind of a gotcha, especially as the biggest complainer about this in the region themselves have undeclared stockpiles, is not really relevant.

If you compare Iran's victims to US's, Iran will come out as an untarnished Angel. Just in the last 20 years in the middle-east, we have Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and by proxy Syria and Yemen. Put together, even if one is generous, that's more than a million people, minimum, died in wars of conquest, claimed to be `Freedom Operations` or at worst `Police Actions`.

Spare us with the propaganda. The world has caught up and can see through it.

Sorry, but how the hell does that justify allowing children with cancer to suffer and die?

I think you are missing a big point here: US is the biggest terrorist state, world wide.

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