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I am certain Apple will continue selling SE or something similar. They sort of got the message from their users. There will be much better phones in 5-6 years, hopefully with amazing battery life.

How do you know they got the message? There has been no indication of any major phone company making a phone in this form factor that even comes close. If there were, I'd love to know about it.

I switched from Android to iOS just for the iPhone SE form factor. At the time, there was no other decent phone in its size. Three years later, the situation hasn't changed. As my SE ages, I'm wondering what I will ever use next.

Why do you think things will change in 5 to 6 years? Is your optimism justified by anything?

>How do you know they got the message?

Well, it is back in stock after all.

But it's the same old hardware in the clearance section of their website. We want an updated version of the iPhone SE, the so-called SE2, with new internals. Not to mention, some promise that iOS updates will continue to be supported.

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