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The iPhone is the gateway drug these days, but I didn't start out with one: I started out with an iPod Touch. The iPod Touch is a great companion device for a non-iPhone that supports tethering -- it lets you dip a toe in the iOS ecosystem for a fraction of the cost of buying an iPhone. Also, with the TV app and an Apple TV is works as a controller for their TV ecosystem -- an evolved iPod Touch could be positioned as a luxury controller/media store device for the Apple TV, at any rate.

However, the iPod Touch has been neglected for several years: it's all but an orphan product at this stage.

(One ray of hope: Apple just refreshed the iPad Mini with a two-generations jump in CPU and a few nice-but-overdue tweaks -- double the storage, 1st generation Pencil support, and a TrueTone display. I hope they're planning on doing the same for the iPod Touch.)

Arguably the iPad 6th Gen is the gateway drug now. List price of $329 but many stores have it on a semi-permanent discount of $250. Very cheap entry into the iOS ecosystem, and really an amazing value compared to the other ~$250 tablets or laptops out there.

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